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Old 19th April 2011, 23:04   #1
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Ost Dunhoth - Cleared 19/04/11

After a slow start to the raid, due to bad timings with people being afk with holidays/work/study, Mellowship have cleared Ost Dunhoth on Tier 2 to claim another server first. A big Gratz to everyone involved in clearing and helping to work out the tactics for this raid.

Now to finish the rest of the Challenges.

Screenshots of Challenge mode Gortheron below:


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Old 20th April 2011, 00:31   #2
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very exiting, nice work everyone

Also funny how I managed to ninja the KB from all you crazy dps-monsters
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Old 20th April 2011, 00:36   #3
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Nice one peoples, my favourite boss fight of the raid by far

A few more screens from me.
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Old 20th April 2011, 00:42   #4
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Good work, I ran around like a crazy monkey, trying to find the boss to ninja the KB.

The black screen was not my friend
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Old 20th April 2011, 01:23   #5
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Great job everyone. I believe our last try was just perfect! After three nights of countless attempts and hours of trying to sort strat out we totaly deserved a server first.
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Old 20th April 2011, 05:34   #6
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Good job everyone!
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Old 20th April 2011, 06:07   #7
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Good job!!!
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Old 20th April 2011, 06:33   #8
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I'm really glad this is done, the stress at work and lack of sleep made this a bit difficult for me so sorry for the lack of announcements for the debuff in the last runs.

Other than that this last run was really perfect and it's nice to see that we got another server first keep the Mellowship name on a high standard, especially since it didn't look good in the beginning: We weren't on beta servers like many others, we had a very new team, we didn't even try to get a first and had one week of almost no raiding.
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Old 20th April 2011, 06:59   #9
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nice one
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Old 20th April 2011, 07:23   #10
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Great work Mellow dudes!
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